Best Crypto futures trading platforms in 2020

Bitcoin stocks would be the most well-known derivatives product to find exposure to Bitcoin’s wild volatility.

The explanations for this are straightforward: Bitcoin futures trades are really liquid, provide low prices, and allow the usage of leverage.

Within this guide we examine the top Bitcoin futures exchanges by comparing their charges, recorded coins, leverage, protection, and much more.


Bitcoin stocks are a sort of derivatives deal made to supply traders improved trading flexibility and accuracy.

As a result of this, Bitcoin futures may be used to speculate on either the size and direction of Bitcoin cost movements–permitting traders to readily go short or long on the marketplace.

Since the initiation of the first Bitcoin futures contracts in overdue 2017 from the Chicago Board Options Exchange (Cboe), the Bitcoin futures market has quickly increased in trading volume, also based on some current Bloomberg account , now surpasses that of this Bitcoin place market by a substantial margin.

Though Bitcoin stocks allow a massive assortment of different investment and trading plans, they’re generally utilized to speculate on the purchase price of Bitcoin by heading either extended (bullish) or brief (bearish). When coupled with the capability to exchange on leverage, futures contracts are an superb means to extract gains from volatile markets such as Bitcoin.

Beyond that, Bitcoin stocks really are an exceptional instrument for risk management, because they are sometimes used by miners, cryptocurrency companies and anyone else that may be holding Bitcoin as a means to decrease or eliminate cost risk later on.

Therefore, anyone with a considerable long standing may want to start a brief hedge utilizing Bitcoin futures trades, because those can benefit while their place position declines, protecting them against negative fluctuations in the market price of Bitcoin.

In the past couple of decades, the amount of all cryptocurrency futures exchanges has increased radically , providing users better choice than ever before when deciding upon the best futures market for their demands. Herewe outline five of the hottest.


Beyond that, the stage puts a strong emphasis on ease of use, using a very simple user interface and charge schedule which makes the trade appealing to novice traders.

Despite launch in only 2018, the system’s Bitcoin stocks are already hugely liquid, and normally between $500 million and $1 billion 24-hour commerce quantity.

The majority of these futures contracts could be traded with as much as 50x leverage, whereas around 100% leverage can be obtained for ByBit’s BTC/USD endless.

Clients will discover a relatively straightforward user interface with powerful charting programs, supplemented with a big selection of sequence parameters–providing users a lot of control over their trades. Those desiring support will discover a extensive support centre, which covers many fundamental concerns and supplies detailed educational content, while immediate customer care is available through live chat and email.

For safety, ByBit shops virtually all user funds from cold storage, also provides several customer-side security attributes, such as multiple two-factor authentication choices, along with a thorough log of current accounts activities (e.g. withdrawals, logins and much more )

ByBit additionally keeps its trading charges plain and easy, charging a 0.075% taker charge, while supplying a manufacturer rebate of 0.025percent for most perpetual contracts. Beyond this, clients might want to cover a varying financing rate, which can be clearly exhibited in the contract particulars panel of the trading port.


BitMEX is a futures offering endless futures Bitcoin and ETH, and routine futures on a number of altcoins. Users can exchange with as much as 100x leverage along with the market stands out for not needing KYC.

As it stands, the stage has become easily the most popular Bitcoin futures , and its own XBTUSD endless futures contract generally sees more quantity compared to comparable goods anywhere else.

Concerning leverage, its own BTC endless swap could be traded with as much as 100x leverage, even though the majority of other contracts are between 20-50x maximum leverage.

If it comes to fees, BitMEX charges a 0.075% taker charge and provides a 0.025% manufacturer lien for the Bitcoin and Ethereum endless contracts.

The BitMEX user interface may look daunting at first, especially for newer dealers, but this complexity does bring with it a vast array of different sequence types and helpful information required to evaluate the marketplace. This, complex UI is somewhat offset from the vast array of educational guides and content supplied by this stage.

BitMEX requires the safety of its customers and their funds , which explains the reason why the exchange has not been compromised because its launching. The market only procedures withdrawals once daily that makes it possible for the staff to better track suspicious activity, whereas cold storage along with a number of customer-side security choices such as 2FA and IP whitelisting ensure it is improbable traders will eliminate money as a consequence of a breach.


Deribit is a scam trading platform that delivers a massive assortment of options trades, along with futures to both Bitcoin and Ethereum. The platform is one of those few exchanges to supply leverage for alternatives merchandise, but does demand KYC for higher volume users.

The platform has been established in 2016 and can be handled by a seasoned team comprising John Jansen, Marius Jansen, and Sebastian Smycz├Żnski.

Like the majority of the platforms listed, Deribit comes with an assortment of cryptocurrency futures products, such as a endless futures contract for both Bitcoin and Ethereum. All these are tradeable with involving 50-100x leverage.

The system interface is relatively straightforward to browse, with powerful charting features supplied by TradingView, as well as a fantastic selection of order choices –catering to dealers of all experience levels. But Although the system is relatively Easy to Use, its fee program is not so easy:

BTC Perpetual stocks: 0.075% taker commission, 0.025% manufacturer rebate

BTC conventional stocks: 0.05% taker commission, 0.02% manufacturer rebate

ETH Perpetual stocks: 0.05% taker fee, 0 percent manufacturer fee

ETH Traditional futures: 0.05% fee, 0 percent manufacturer fee

BTC alternatives: 0.04percent of the inherent or 0.0004 BTC/option contract

ETH alternatives: 0.04percent of the inherent or 0.0004 ETH/option contract

Beyond that, traders might want to cover a varying financing rate, which can be revealed from the trading port after picking out a contract.

Deribit obviously puts a strong emphasis on safety, and hasn’t been hacked in its over three decades of performance. 99 percent of consumer funds are stored in cold storage, whereas clients can select from an assortment of additional security options, such as two-factor authentication (2FA) and IP pinning.



OKEx is a Malta-based cryptocurrency market and futures trading platform which supports a massive assortment of coins. On OKEx, users will discover a variety of futures, endless swaps and options, some of which may be exchanged together with as much as 100x leverage.

As it stands, OKEx is one of the hottest exchange programs, and now serves over 20 million clients in over 100 nations.

Unlike many Bitcoin exchanges, OKEx provides both spot and derivatives trading performance and supports a vast array of distinct cryptocurrencies and tokens. In total, the market provides endless swaps and conventional futures for nine distinct crypto assets, such as BTC, XRP, ETH and TRX. Users may even deposit via wire transfer or charge card to purchase Bitcoin along with other cryptocurrencies using fiat at sensible rates.

OKEx is often regarded as the second-largest cryptocurrency market by trading volume because its BTC stocks see approximately $1.5 billion in daily trade volume. Furthermore, OKEx has some of the lowest prices in the marketplace –using a 0.02% manufacturer fee plus a 0.05% taker fee for futures and endless swaps. These could be reduced for greater volume dealers and OKB token holders.

The site is comparatively simple to navigate, and also the place, futures and endless swaps platforms are accessible to novices and pros alike. Customer care is also easily available, because OKEx provides both telephone service and email-ticket service, along with some well-polished help centre.

All in all, the system is regarded as a very safe place to exchange Bitcoin, since the market hasn’t been hacked–with a blend of cold storage pockets and dispersed server clusters to remain like that.



This stage stands apart from the competition as a result of its exceptionally low trading charges and 125x leverage because of its BTC/USD perpetual contract.

Binance was set in 2017 by Changpeng Zhao and Yi Heinnovators experienced trading strategies. Since ancient 2018, the market has come to be widely known as the world’s largest Bitcoin exchange.

Though futures products were inserted into the Binance platform just lately, the BTC/USD endless already stands up over $1 billion in 24-hour trading quantity.

Binance supplies a large selection of services and products, such as a staking and lending platform, place market, and a fast expanding futures .

The market has a beginner-friendly UI and also an easy to use mobile program. The site is also accessible in a variety of distinct languages and provides easy, but responsive service through live chat and an inner ticket system.

Though Binance was hacked before, the market covered each of the losses with its Secure Asset Fund for Users, demonstrating remarkable ethics and dedication to its customers. Nevertheless, the platform nevertheless retains the vast majority of consumer funds in cold storage also supplies a huge array of account security choices.

Binance utilizes a VIP method to compute fees. Binance Futures prices begin at 0.02% and 0.04percent for manufacturers and Vendors respectively but may be decreased as low as 0% manufacturer and 0.017% Licensed prices for VIP 9 users.

Advantages of Bitcoin Futures

Apart from being an superb instrument for speculating on Bitcoin costs and hedging again cost risk, Bitcoin stocks have a lot of advantages which make them worth considering as a part of almost any good trading strategy.

Cheap to exchange

Unlike many place Bitcoin exchanges, Bitcoin futures trading platforms have a tendency to provide extremely reduced prices, making them appealing to both large volume and low volume dealers. Market makers can frequently also get a rebate for adding liquidity into the current market, which may vary between 0.01% and 0.025% of their transaction dimensions.

These low prices and market manufacturer rebates help guarantee Bitcoin futures markets remain extremely liquid, so helping to keep spreads preventing slippage through settlement. In general, this guarantees traders maintain more of the gains, and do not need to worry about sudden losses because of slippage.

Efficient utilization of funds

By far one of the more important advantages of all bitcoin futures , and possibly the primary reason they’re so popular is that they may be traded leverage. This basically means dealers may open places far bigger than their equilibrium by temporarily borrowing funds from the futures or other dealers.

Because most bitcoin futures trading platforms provide around 100x leverage, this implies traders may multiply their gains by around 100x when compared with trading with no leverage. This basically allows even those who have limited funds to turn a severe gain if they are in a position to correctly forecast the marketplace.

Cryptocurrency futures are not just cheap and effective to trade, they are also incredibly liquid, meaning people who have big places generally won’t have any liquidity problems. As a matter of fact, the many liquid Bitcoin stocks achieve enormously greater trade volume compared to Bitcoin commerce volume on the very popular place exchanges, for example Binance and Bittrex.

As a result of this, traders may expect little to no slippage when trading, no matter the prevailing market terms, because most notable bitcoin futures trading platforms have quite reduced spreads during times of high volatility. As a consequence, that you may concentrate more on your own trading strategies, instead of worrying about handling slippage.

Though Bitcoin futures have a massive number of advantages, it’s still very possible to eliminate money when investing in them, especially if traders fail to keep adequate caution. Beyond that, Bitcoin futures have their fair share of dangers which will make them unsuitable for many dealers –just two of the main ones are summarized below:


Risk of accounts liquidation

Though trading Bitcoin futures margin (with leverage) could multiply your exposure to valuable price movements, in addition, it functions in the opposite way, also may multiply losses only as speedily. Therefore, even minor adverse moves can cause substantial losses when trading with higher leverage.

Since all Bitcoin futures programs apply margin requirements to stop bankruptcy and make certain that trade winners receive their anticipated gains, traders are in danger of automatic liquidation when their account balance falls below the required margin condition.

Past this, dealers also have to know about possible stop searching –a technique utilized by big market participants to push the purchase price of an advantage to a degree that triggers the prevent loss of traders. That is much more of a danger in smaller, less liquid systems and can be largely a concern for all those trading using a tight stop reduction , higher leverage or perhaps both.

Largely unregulated trades

This means that they aren’t licensed to give futures products. This is due to the fact that most countries don’t consider cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin to make cash, and consequently these programs are not technically required to make an application for a money transmitter license unless they immediately manage fiat monies –and several do.

Since accredited platforms will need to satisfy strict instructions on the user funds are managed and stored, in addition to make sure they have a workable strategy to stay solvent long lasting, it makes sense that unlicensed platforms may not adhere to the exact same excellent criteria. Therefore, there might be a greater risk trading on systems that are malicious, since dealers have few protections in place should anything fail.